Our Story

“Like many people when I grew up I didn’t dream of doing what I do now.  When I started down the path of becoming a solicitor I didn’t think about becoming a conveyancer.  That said I found myself in a residential property department.  As with all conveyancers I had those moments when I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick and thinking there must be a better way. 

I decided to join one of the new breed of panel managers in 1999 where I met by business partner Karen Babington.   

Later we went on to create Lawyer Checker, Today’s Conveyancer, British Conveyancing Awards and worked with many businesses growing them in conveyancing and wills and probate.   

The answer to the question “Is there a better way ?” we believe is “yes”. 

Now every year I sit down and think about what conveyancers may need in three years time, and what conveyancing may look like. 

Today we are using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in many ways to build multiple tools to support, not to replace, conveyancers. Enquiry Manager takes the administrative burden and tension away from dealing with enquiries.  Completion Calendar facilities a speedy way of agreeing a completion date. All in a secure, accurate and repeatable way.

We are committed to making home buying better. 

Chris Harris, CEO Collaborative Conveyancing

"Is there a better way?
We believe, yes"